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The revival! - Sort of

The blog, probably the most neglected part of my AG adventure. I'm not sure what continues to semi-motivate me to continue through this journey. Every know and then I get revved up and ready to go, then 6 months goes by, and then i have a few days where I'm ready to go once again.

Three years a go I hadsome goals and I guess they are still there, In fact, I wrote the goals down and placed them in a piggy bank. I have a vague idea what they were, but I never looked. I mean, I created a book, a blog, logos, etc, and all these different peices are scattered across a couple of thumb drives, so I might as well try to puzzle them all togehter and see what happens! (Not sure if this will post to the live website since its been a couple of years, but lets see.) Average on eveyone!!!

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